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The DEI Discussions

The ground-breaking podcast series, The DEI Discussions, is hosted by Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Chief Customer Officer here at Harrington Starr.

With an unwavering commitment to embedding Diversity and Inclusion into the foundations of FinTech, Nadia created The DEI Discussions to provide inspiration to people also looking to better DE&I in our industry.

The DEI Discussions features four series: The Humans of FinTech, The Talent Surgery, The Family Stories of FinTech and the longest-running series, The Women of FinTech.

Each episode, no matter the series, demonstrates the work we can be doing to #walkthetalk for change across the entire industry.

We are always looking for people from across the industry to join us on The DEI Discussions? Keen to get involved? Or know someone ideal for the show?

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  • Ww Wo F Blog
    Nadia's Women of FinTech Podcast | Nichola and Calli of Working Wonder Consultancy

    ​Joining Nadia in The DEI Discussions Studio for this special episode are Nichola and Calli, Co-Founders of Working Wonder Consultancy.This brilliant duo trace their distinct personal journey's, and reveal to us the experiences that led them to founding Working Wonder Consultancy. We are exposed to the discriminatory and damaging behaviours that prompted them to both to begin a new approach to work- one in which everyone has a voice and a space.From their Going Forward to Work Philosophy, to how Ian Wright inspired a new mindset, the pair chart the practices they introduce to organisations that allow each and everyone of us to walk the talk for change.Nichola and Calli's personal experience as parents is particularly revealing. Again, their distinct yet common experiences reveal to us all there is so much more we can be doing to support every demographic when shaping a better future for work.Stream the full episode on your chosen podcast platform:Apple:Spotify:

  • Jkftesdftyguh
    Nadia's Women of FinTech - Una Keller, Senior Manager, KDB+ Developer at Macquarie Group

    On this episode of The Women of FinTech Series, Nadia is pleased to welcome Una Keller, Senior Manager, KDB+ Developer at Macquarie Group to the show.From a global perspective, there is a shortage of female tech talent. But what are the barriers and how can we increase the numbers? Una tells us about her journey in tech and how she became part of the team at Macquarie, as well as all of the initiatives she is running to help recruit and retain diverse talent in the industry. The pair also discuss Macquarie's upcoming Women in Tech event on October 6th. It will be filled with food, drinks, informational sessions led by senior leaders and the opportunity to talk to experienced developers, analysts and operations staff about your background and experience.Register here.Stream the full episode on your chosen podcast platform:​​​​

  • Liam Chennells Blog Thumbnail
    Nadia's Humans of FinTech Podcast | Liam Chennells, CEO at Detected

    ​Welcome back to another episode of Nadia’s Humans of FinTech Podcast. Today, Nadia is joined by the brilliant Liam Chennells, CEO of Detected.Liam is all about people investment and this episode is brimming with his inspiring stories and ideas, that showcase some of the best talent in the industry. He shares the story behind the origins of Detected and how challenges from the pandemic triggered an innovative and thriving business.He states, “there were so many people just trying to make a quick bit of money during that period and that wasn’t my motivation, which I think is so important, and it’s a part of why things have gone so well because it wasn’t that; it was actually just trying to sort out a problem.”The conversation then turns to accessibility within the industry. Liam shares his ideas on building a culture that is in favour of an underserved generation and why universities– and the education system as a whole– aren't tailored for everyone.You can stream the full episode below.Spotify​Apple​Buzzsprout​

  • Joanne Blog
    Nadia's Women of FinTech Podcast | Joanne Lockwood, Founder, CEO and Diversity & Inclusion Advisor and Consultant at SEE Change Happen

    ​Joining Nadia on this episode of the ground-breaking Women of FinTech Podcast is Joanne Lockwood, Founder, CEO and Diversity & Inclusion Advisor and Consultant at SEE Change Happen.This episode is a masterclass in authentic inclusion, allyship and action. Joanne walks us through her reasons for founding SEE Change Happen, and the tangible work they are doing across a plethora of industries to ensure firms are truly able to find the why behind their commitment to DE&I.Joanne's thoughts on allyship are particularly revealing, reminding us that being an active ally is often about the micro-interventions. And central to all of this? In this episode Joanne shares with Nadia the three principles that underly her understanding of being an ally for all...The overarching message of this episode of the Women of FinTech Podcast is we must ensure we are creating positive people experiences. Deploy your privilege to support the marginalised; address your policies; and advocate actively- don't fall into a passive disposition.Stream the full episode on your chosen podcast platform:Apple:Spotify:

  • Kjhsdkfjhskdjf
    Nadia's Women of FinTech Podcast with Laura Wildenborg, FinTech Innovation Manager at Sunrise Banks

    ​Welcome back to another episode of the Women of FinTech. This week, Nadia is pleased to introduce Laura Wildenborg, FinTech Innovation Manager at Sunrise Banks, to the show. As someone who entered the industry with a 'non-traditional background', Laura shares her impressive career history to date, with a focus on her work at Sun Rise Banks. As an innovative bank empowering financial wellness, Sun Rise Banks' success relies on the success of the communities they serve. Laura shares her thoughts on what policies she believes need to change for authentic inclusion to be commonplace in the workplace, and what we can be doing to walk the talk for real change across the industry.This is a great episode filled with actionable insights! Stream the full episode on your chosen podcast platform:​​Download your free copy of The Financial Technologist here.Enquire about The Era of Convergence Documentary:

  • Lyd Blog Thumbnail
    Nadia's Humans of FinTech Podcast | Lydia Sear, Brand Manager at Harrington Starr

    ​Welcome back to another episode of the Humans of FinTech. This week, Nadia is delighted to be joined by Lydia Sear, Brand Manager here at Harrington Starr!Lydia advocates for neurodiversity and mental health. Diagnosed with ADHD when she was 21, she's a firm believer that it's her creative superpower and that we should all embrace our differences. Since her late diagnosis, Lydia has been on a personal journey to learn about neurodiversity and how we can educate one another to be more openly inclusive. In this episode, Lydia shares personal challenges she has faced within the workplace and offers tangible advice for employers to support their neurodivergent colleagues.This episode demonstrates that having ADHD, ASD or any other condition does not make you deficient, it simply makes you different. 💫Stream the episode below.Spotify​Apple​​Buzzsprout​

  • Inclusive Crypto Roundtable
    Inclusive Crypto Roundtable | An Exclusive Episode of The DEI Discussions

    Hosted in the Harrington Starr London Office, Nadia was joined by three brilliant Women of Crypto for our inaugural Inclusive Crypto Roundtable.For an industry that is relatively new, it is one that has witnessed and implemented unparalleled disruption, growth and innovation; but DE&I hasn't been embedded and promoted with quite the same speed.We brought this vital conversation to the fore, exploring the tangible actions we can all take to ensure we are paving the way for a more inclusive crypto future.Thank you to:- Kelly Jackson, Chief People Officer at Luno- Katharine Wooller, Managing Director of UK and Europe at Dacxi- Dagmara Aldridge, Chief People and Culture Officer at ZumoWe are delighted to be sharing their full conversation as an exclusive episode of The DEI Discussions. So be sure to listen, to learn, to #walkthetalk, and build a more inclusive future for crypto.Stream the full episode on your chosen podcast platform:Apple:Spotify:​

  • Book Blog Thumbnail
    An Introduction to FinTech Women Walk The Talk: Moving The Needle for Workplace Gender Equality in Financial Services and Beyond

    We are delighted to bring you this special episode of The DEI Discussions in which Nadia offers us an exclusive reading of the introduction to her inaugural book: FinTech Women Walk The Talk.The first chapter covers the purpose of this book. Why did Nadia feel compelled to write this? With such poor representation of women in the Financial Services industry, Nadia took inspiration from advocates and allies across the space to write a guide to tangible, actionable change.So let's listen. Let's learn. And let's #walkthetalk for change.Stream the full episode on your chosen podcast platform:Apple:Spotify:You can buy your copy of FinTech Women Walk The Talk now from all major online retailers: