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Our value-centric approach and engagement with the dynamic marketplace have cemented our position in the ecosystem as trusted recruitment consultants; and advocates of furthering the talent experience in financial services.


Our story begins

Harrington Starr starts trading at Capital Tower, Waterloo. 


First million pounds billed

Taking the company to £1,083,636, prompting the first office move.


Breaking into the industry

Our second office move to 99 Waterloo Road. First HS Insights published, and first FinTech Breakfast held at the Ritz.


Contract Division launched

Launching with six runners. By the end of the year, the company turnover reaches £3,718,160

First FinTech Capital released

And HS Insights rebranded to The Trading Technologist. Turnover up to £6,108,491.

Move to current HQ

Relocated to our current HQ in London, Vintners' Place. FinTech Influencers meetings begin and work starts on the New York market.

New brands

Our New York office opens. Plus, we launch North Starr, focussing on tech sales recruitment. HS Insights and The Trading Technologist merge to become The Financial Technologist.


Exciting projects emerging

We launch Starr Tech TV, our first-ever FinTech series. We move to our second US office, and Triple Pulitzer Prize-Winner, Thomas Friedman, is a keynote speaker at our latest FinTech Breakfast.

Awards and more launches

We launch the first '100 Most Influential FinTech Companies' in the Financial Technologist and we win our first industry awards. 


Increased industry recognition

More industry recognition as the group sweep the industry awards season with wins at the Global Recruiter, Recruiter Magazine, Investing in Talent and TIARA events.


Adapting to the new ways of working

We invest in building FinTech Focus TV and FinTech's DEI Discussions to bring content and insight to the industry. Our conversations with industry leaders open new opportunities and provide key thought-leadership in the space.

Further expansion

We launch our Belfast office, and both New York and London relocate. 

Our marketing team evolves, and we produce our first in-house documentary

We release The Era of Convergence documentary, in collaboration with The Realization Group with a premiere and panel discussion at CMS London. Our marketing team expands, winning further industry awards for our campaigns, The Talent Equity List and candidate attraction. 


Key players in industry inclusion

We officially rebrand our inclusion initiative to The Talent Equity List, with plans to expand into and inspire sectors beyond financial technology. Our second International Women's Day event is a hit, and we host further events in partnership with key industry players.

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