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FinTech's DEI Discussions: The Fintech Guide on Advancing, Cultivating, and Elevating your Black Talent.

Author: Brenda Lee Henderson, Elizabeth Boampong, Flavilla Fongang, Juan Matthew, Lisa Leid, Mary Agbesanwa, Mary Mosope Adeyemi, Michelle Rockson and Yianni Ellis.

Published date: 2023/10

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This Black History Month, we're committing to a 12-step, 12-month plan. Nadia and nine industry trailblazers have joined forces to present to you: The Fintech Guide on Advancing, Cultivating, and Elevating your Black Talent.

This comprehensive 12-step program is designed for any business, team, or individual looking to make a difference. There is a downloadable document available for you to work through, allowing businesses of any scale to start implementing these crucial steps.

Meet the co-authors:

  • Brenda Lee Henderson, Associate Director at Lloyds Banking Group

  • Elizabeth Boampong, Compliance Analyst at Monese

  • Flavilla Fongang, Founder of 3 Colours Rule & GTA Black Women in Tech

  • Juan Matthew, Implementation Manager at Built Technologies

  • Lisa Leid, Head of Communications and PR

  • Mary Agbesanwa, FinTech Growth Lead at Seccl and Founder of Now You’re Talking Network

  • Mary Mosope Adeyemi, Learning & Development Consultant and Career Strategist, Visible Strengths Co. 

  • Michelle Rockson, Lead People Partner TrueLayer  

  • Yianni Ellis, Director of Operations

The coauthors will be releasing an article for each of the steps to take you on a 12-month journey to inclusion, follow us on LinkedIn or sign up to our newsletter to never miss an article.

Tune in to FinTech’s DEI Discussions Black History Month special podcast to learn more and see how far we want to go below: