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    Harrington Starr starts trading at Capital Tower, Waterloo

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    First million pounds billed taking the company turnover to £1,083,636 prompting the first office move

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    Second office move to 99, Waterloo Road. First HS Insights published and first FinTech Breakfast held at The Ritz

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    Harrington Starr’s contract division launched with six runners and by the end of the year, the company turnover reaches £3,718,160

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    First FinTech Capital released and HS Insights rebranded as The Trading Technologist. Turnover up to £6,108,491

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    Move to current headquarters at Vintners Place. FinTech Influencers meetings begin and work starts on the New York market

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    One brand becomes five as North Starr, HS Executive Search, HS Inc and HS Technology consulting all launched. HS Insights and Trading Technologist merged to form The Financial Technologist magazine.

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    Starr Tech TV launches. Harrington Starr Inc. move to second offices in the US and Triple Pulitzer Prize-winner, Thomas Friedman, key note speaker at the latest FinTech Breakfast

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    FinTech Breakfast features Dan Pink, launch the first 100 most influential FinTech Companies in The Financial Technologist, and new website coincides with first award haul for HS.

Who we are

Harrington Starr was established in 2010 with the vision to be the number one supplier of technology and sales staff to the world’s leading financial services companies through partnering, understanding and delivering to the needs of all of our clients and candidates. Our five core values of Positivity, Excellence, Execution, Esprit de Corps and Kaizen live both internally and externally ensuring we consistently over exceed our customers' expectations.

The business is based solely around the needs of the customer. Global specialists in Financial Services Technology and Sales recruitment, Harrington Starr offer permanent, retained, interim, and contract solutions to over 800 of the leading companies in the world and many thousands of the globes most talented industry professionals. Covering Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Prop Trading Houses, Exchanges, MTFs, Market Makers, Brokerages, Trading Companies, Vendors and Consultancies, the company is ideally suited to connect world class talent with world class opportunity.

We strongly believe in authentic networking and being of service. With this in mind, our offer extends well beyond traditional contingency recruitment. White papers, commentaries, market information, networking introductions, consulting, video, content and a series of events all combine as complimentary services aimed at delivering true partnership in deed as well as word.

The foundation of the business is, however, excellent delivery with old fashioned values of manners and respect. We believe in excellence through understanding both the sector itself but also the real needs of our clients and candidates. We love this industry and would be delighted to discuss the Harrington Starr Mystique and how we can help you in more detail.


Meet the Leadership Team

Will you be our next discovery?

We have ambitious growth plans and an approach that there is never a bad time to bring A Players into the business. If you have experience as a recruiter, in sales or Financial Services and FinTech and want to join a company which is built around ensuring you hit your potential, get in touch.


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