The Future of Marketing in FinTech

Michael Borrelli, Director & Emmy Granström, & Payal Raina, Founder & Global Head of Marketing & Rashee Pandey, Associate Director, Membership and Growth (FinTech, Tech and Financial Services) & Meredith Odger, Programme Director, Digital Learning & Sumeet Vermani, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer and Global Vice President of Marketing & Natasha Gay, Client Services Director & Mia Mohammad, Head of Marketing & Georgie Taylor, Senior Strategist & Shelia Mitham, CEO & Vanessa Lovatt, Strategy Consultant

The latest episode of FinTech Focus TV, hosted by Ian, took place live at Payal Raina’s annual FinTech B2B marketing conference. This third edition of the conference highlighted how marketing can be a pivotal driver in shaping a brighter future for the FinTech industry. The episode brought together various industry leaders to discuss the evolving role of marketing in FinTech, underscoring its importance in acquisition, retention, and overall growth.

Payal Raina, the Founder of the FinTech B2B Marketing Community, kicked off the conference with an inspiring address. She celebrated the growth of the community, which now boasts over 5,000 members across 100 countries, reflecting the global impact and importance of marketing within the FinTech space. Payal emphasised the shift from seeing marketing as a back-office function to recognising it as a front-end driver of revenue and customer engagement.

Rashee Pandey, Associate Director of Membership and Growth at Innovate Finance, highlighted the role of marketing in demystifying financial products for consumers. She emphasised the need for FinTechs to educate and build trust with their customers by offering personalised and reliable services.

Emmy Granström, Global Head of Marketing at SteelEye, discussed the importance of maintaining or even increasing marketing budgets during tumultuous times. She argued that cutting marketing expenditures in slower economic environments can hinder future growth, as marketing remains a key enabler for business expansion and competitiveness.

Meredith Odger, Program Director at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, stressed marketing's responsibility to drive a better world through education and sustainability. She spoke about the role of marketing in creating value not just economically, but also socially and environmentally, thus aligning business practices with broader societal goals.

Sumeet Vermani, National CMO at SKV Consulting, identified partnerships as the main driver in today's FinTech landscape. He advocated for collaborative efforts within the ecosystem to navigate economic challenges and leverage technological advancements for growth. This trend is reflected in the rising demand for FinTech marketing jobs, as companies seek skilled professionals to forge these essential partnerships and drive their marketing strategies forward.

Natasha Gay, Head of Client Services at Inbound FinTech, reflected on the challenges FinTech organisations face in differentiating themselves in a crowded market. She emphasised the critical role of marketing in establishing trust and brand awareness, which are essential for long-term success.

Mia Mohammed, Head of Marketing at Toqio, focused on innovation and orchestration as key to future success. She highlighted the need for FinTechs to innovate continually and create personalised financial experiences to stay relevant and competitive. This need for constant innovation is also driving the growth of FinTech marketing jobs, as companies look for creative minds to lead their marketing initiatives.

Georgie Taylor, Senior Staffing at Silver Agent, described marketing as the catalyst that brings brands to life. She shared how her agency works with FinTech clients to showcase their innovative solutions and drive industry change through compelling storytelling.

Michael Borelli, Director of AI and Partners, discussed the impact of the upcoming EU AI Act on FinTech marketing. He underscored the importance of compliance with regulations while optimising customer journeys and enhancing brand messaging.

Sheila Micklin, CEO and Founder of Inbound Fintech, reflected on the evolution of marketing over the past few years. She highlighted the increasing role of AI in driving marketing strategies and emphasised that marketing should be at the core of organisational strategy, fostering collaboration across teams to achieve better results.

Vanessa Lovett discussed the disruptive potential of marketing within the financial services sector. She pointed out that marketing's ability to bring freshness and innovation to the FinTech community can drive significant change, ensuring that the industry continues to evolve and meet the dynamic needs of its customers.

The conference underscored that marketing is not just a support function but a strategic driver of growth and innovation in the FinTech industry. By focusing on customer needs, leveraging partnerships, and staying ahead with innovative solutions, marketing can significantly contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future for FinTech. The insights shared by industry leaders at the conference provided valuable perspectives on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, emphasising that the future of FinTech is deeply intertwined with effective and strategic marketing. As the industry grows, so does the demand for FinTech marketing jobs, offering exciting opportunities for professionals looking to make a significant impact in this dynamic field.

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