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Since we launched our agency in 2010, we have developed into a multi-award-winning fintech recruitment company. With offices based in London, Belfast, and New York, we take pride in the fact that our industry-leading services have achieved a global reach. No matter where you are located, the size of your business, or your hiring needs, our top-quality consultants have the means to support you in sourcing the best and brightest candidates for your crucial roles. 

Quantitative finance is a vital area for fintech firms looking to harness the power of statistical analysis to enhance decision making and optimise financial processes. With influential trends like the rise of AI, the growth of big data, and an ever-more complex regulatory landscape increasing the demand for highly skilled quantitative finance professionals, it is important for fintech businesses to gain an edge over the intensifying competition. 

Our specialist team will utilise our unrivalled expertise to support you in building a high-performing quantitative finance team with the skills to provide innovative solutions and drive sustained success. 

Sourcing Quantitative Finance Experts For Fintech Roles

Whether you are looking for a highly experienced quantitative finance expert or an ambitious graduate who wants to develop their skills in an entry-level position, our consultants have the means to source the best possible candidates for your roles. We acknowledge the various challenges fintech firms face when looking to recruit professionals in this crucial area, such as a high competition for talent, evolving skill requirements, and regulatory obstacles. 

However, by partnering with us, we’ll give you the tools you need to overcome these challenges and hire exceptional candidates for your quantitative finance jobs. We have spent years building up our extensive talent network; a vast candidate pool brimming with professionals with specialised knowledge in quantitative analysis, algorithmic trading, financial modelling, and risk management. 

Regardless of whether you need support in outlining sophisticated pricing models, implementing algorithmic trading systems, or overseeing quantitative research, we can provide you with a tailored recruitment experience that yields excellent results. 

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Elevating Your Quantitative Finance Career

Whether you're a recent graduate eager to launch your career at a startup or a seasoned QA professional seeking a new challenge at a leading financial institution, our dedicated team is here to help you land a role that aligns with your quantitative finance career goals. We equip you with valuable information and resources that enable you to make informed decisions about which roles best sit your needs. 

Our specialists will leverage their in-depth knowledge and vast business network to connect you with top-tier financial technology companies. Guided by our personalised, value-led approach, we’ll take the time to understand your career aspirations and distinctive professional qualities, details that will allow us to direct you toward positions that let you put your skill set into action. 

If you enable us to become your job search partner, you can rest assured that we’ll present you with suitable quantitative finance jobs in no time. Simply contact one of our consultants, share your career vision and desired role specifications, and let us guide you towards the next stage of your career in financial technology.

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