FinTech's DEI Discussions #OnTour @Money20/20 | Payal Raina, Global Head of Marketing at Torstone Technology

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Payal Raina, Founder & Global Head of Marketing

We’re back at Money20/20 for this special #OnTour episode of The DEI Discussions! And this time Nadia is joined by Payal Raina, Founder of FinTech B2B Marketing and Global Head of Marketing at Torstone Technology.

We explore the fantastic success of Payal’s passion project: the FinTech B2B Marketing community. With over 4000 members, she is catalysing connections and sparking innovation amidst leading marketeers. 

And we celebrate the first marketing panel ever at Money20/20. Putting important ideas in front of the right people, Payal recounts why this is such an important move. The pair close with an important discussion on DEI. Payal stresses the biggest challenge is changing people’s mindsets. And marketing plays a crucial role in addressing this.

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