FinTech's DEI Discussions

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Anu Adedoyin Adasolum,

Welcome back to another episode of Women of FinTech. Today, Nadia is delighted to be joined by the incredible Anu Adedoyin Adasolum, Co-Founder and CEO at Sabi. Sabi provides a technology platform that enables and empowers the most underserved merchants in the world. Their commerce infrastructure enables agents, merchants, wholesalers, aggregators, distributors and manufacturers to grow their businesses using Sabi’s technology rails. In this conversation, Anu sheds light on how people are excluded and "locked out" of financial opportunities from their pasts or from a lack of financial education in their upbringing. She shares what Sabi is doing to help those people. Anu is passionate about her teams and that resonates throughout this entire episode. "In the end, a business is just the people that work in it. You could build the fanciest tech you wanted to but if the team wasn’t working the right way, you’d be done."

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