FinTech's DEI Discussion #WomenofFinTech | Cathy Hastie & Ed Warner, Founder & CEO of Motionspot

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Cathy Hastie, Founder & Ed Warner, Founder & CEO

On this latest episode of FinTech's DEI Discussions, Nadia is joined by Cathy Hastie, Menopause Mandate Advocate and experienced HR Director and Consultant and Ed Warner, Founder & CEO of inclusive design consultancy, Motionspot. In this episode, the pair discuss their work in inclusive design and menopause advocacy, sharing key findings from research into workplace experiences. Ed emphasises the crucial role of inclusive design in creating spaces within workplaces that cater for people’s diverse needs, spanning menstruation and menopause, through to neurodivergence. Cathy shares the principles of the Menopause Mandate, aiming to revolutionise support for women on menopause, spanning medical, societal, and workplace aspects. Their initiatives have made a significant impact, raising awareness and providing crucial support. Throughout the discussion, they address challenges and offer solutions, emphasising the importance of education, leadership commitment, flexibility, and inclusive language.

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