FinTech's DEI Discussions #HumansofFinTech, Live @ FinTech Connect! | Paul Staples at HSBC

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Paul Staples,

Joining Nadia live from FinTech Connect for this episode of the Humans of FinTech Podcast is Paul Staples, Global Head of Banking as a Service and Embedded Finance Proposition at HSBC.

Paul offers us an exclusive insight into the world of embedded finance, sharing how his positively disruptive role is changing the way banks operate from the outside in. The pair discuss the role Fintech Connect plays in showcasing the latter, making this exciting future accessible to all. 

A vital part of this future is ensuring diversity of skills is the norm amongst teams in the industry. Paul reminds us to invite individuals into our team that think differently to us, approaching recruitment with an open-mind so no one is excluded from the opportunities of the space. 

Diversity of thought should be given every chance to thrive, and so the pair explore what it takes to create a speak-up culture in your workplace. Thank you Paul for joining us on the Humans of FinTech Podcast!

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