FinTech's DEI Discussions #HumansOfFinTech | Steve Grob, Founder of Vision57

Steve Grob, Founder & Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO

Joining Nadia live from FIX Trading Community EMEA Trading Conference for this episode of The DEI Discussions is Steve Grob, Founder of Vision57.

Steve discusses his passion for finding cool fintech that can change the face of capital markets and shares insights from the panel he moderated. He also highlights the importance of having a solid go-to-market plan to be successful in the industry. 

He shares his thoughts on the biggest opportunities, including the potential of low-code technology to empower people, and the human input and element of AI and robotics. 

Additionally, Steve discusses the issue of diversity and inclusion in fintech and the lack of diversity in exhibition panels. He emphasizes that it will take more effort to be diverse and inclusive but encourages us all to put in the extra measure to do so. 

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