FinTech's DEI Discussions #HumansofFinTech | Andrew Christodoulou, Global Inside Sales Rep at Worldline

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Andrew Christodoulou,

Welcome back to another episode of the Humans of FinTech. This week, Nadia is joined by Andrew Christodoulou, Global Inside Sales Rep at Worldline.

Andrew is part of the digital commerce division at Worldline– specialising in gaming and entertainment partners– and is passionate about opening access to the financial technology community and building better gender equality in the space. 

After graduating in Psychology and European Politics, Andrew took a deep dive into the world of payments and FinTech and was immediately hooked. However, his personal– yet not uncommon– experience of a "rocky start" into the industry encouraged him always to help and coach others whenever he has the chance; be it advice on getting a job, or picking up a new skill. 

Andrew is truly walking the talk for others in a fast-paced, dynamic industry and this episode is a great example of how you can do the same. 

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