FinTech’s DEI Discussions #WomenOfFinTech | Rachael Rowe, RVP of Sales at Seismic

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Rachel Rowe,

On this episode of FinTech’s DEI Discussions, Nadia welcomes Rachael Rowe, Regional Vice President of Sales at Seismic, for a new edition of the #WomenOfFinTech chapter. Rachael recalls her journey into FinTech, working through a number of male-dominated environments right the way from her university days, recounting what led her to her current role at Seismic. Rachael also reveals what Seismic does to foster inclusion and overall wellbeing within its ranks and how that feeds into its work in sales enablement. Not only that, but Nadia asks Rachael about the importance of championing inclusion and progress inside a business, where we stand at present and what must change. It’s an inspirational episode from a leading woman in FinTech and reminds us of the structural obstacles to overcome, as well as some of the positive things being done in business to ensure greater diversity moving forward. Catch up on all episodes of FinTech's DEI Discussions here.

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