The DEI Discussions #WomenofFinTech | Angela Yore, Founder & MD SkyParlour

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Angela Yore,

Joining Nadia live from FinTech Connect for this episode of The DEI Discussions is Angela Yore, Founder & MD SkyParlour. Nadia and Angela recap SkyParlour's incredible journey this year- covering a global client base, and how this expansive coverage has afforded them the unparalleled view of witnessing exciting innovation entering the sector.

Angela also guides us through FinTech Connect's stand out moments. We're exposed to the importance of improving the lives of the global population through FinTech, and creating a space for the industry to grow and develop together. 

As a proud female founded business, SkyPalour are always very busy with the work they do for equality in the sector. Subscribing to an inclusive culture is key, and Angela shares what responsibilities we all have to ensure FinTech is inclusive, accessible and fair for all, resulting in talent remaining. 

Thank you Angela for joining us at FinTech Connect- this is a fantastic discussion!

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