Fintech's DEI Discussions: Can AI be Trusted with Inclusion? | Yael Malek, CPO at Bluevine

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Yael Malek, CPO

To operate in the grey, you must look critically at your data, analyze it, and apply judgment in making decisions. All of this is even more true with the complexities of a topic like inclusion. The DEI Discussions is delighted to bring the Artificial Discrimination series: Can AI be trusted with Inclusion? In the first of this exclusive series, Nadia is joined by Yael Malek, Chief People Officer at Bluevine. In this episode, Yael discusses the trustworthiness of AI in promoting inclusion. She highlights the potential benefits and challenges of AI, emphasising the importance of diversity, empathy, and human judgment in addressing biases. She believes that while AI can enhance inclusivity, it cannot replace the fundamental human need for connection and belonging in the evolving workplace.

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