FinTech's DEI Discussions #WomenofFinTech

Rianna Kelly, Senior Manager— Data Modeling & Analytics Engineering - Zepz

“Fintech is an action-orientated industry. What actions are we taking here? So I would really encourage everyone to step back and think, what are you doing?”

On this latest episode of FinTech's DEI Discussions, Nadia is joined by Rianna Kelly, Senior Manager— Data Modeling & Analytics Engineering at Zepz.

In this episode, Rianna details her transition from traditional financial services to her current role in fintech, where she focuses on digital and financial inclusion in emerging markets. 

She discusses the critical need for gender inclusivity and the impactful roles women can play in fintech sectors like payments and remittance, which align with global sustainability efforts.

Rianna also delves into the strategies that foster an inclusive workplace, highlighting the importance of embedding inclusion into business models rather than treating it as an afterthought.

About FinTech’s DEI Discussions: 

FinTech’s DEI Discussions is Harrington Starr’s longest-running podcast show; and is hosted by our Chief Customer Officer, Nadia Edwards-Dashti. 

Inspiring the entire industry to walk the talk for change, each episode imparts tangible, actionable advice that advocates for more inclusive practices in financial services and beyond. 

Guests are typically financial services and technology Founders, C-Suite members and DEI Ambassadors. We also feature voices from outside of the industry to ensure diversity of thought is present throughout conversations. 

New episodes are released every Tuesday and Thursday and are available on all major podcast streaming platforms. 

The DEI Discussions is an award-winning show and is recognised as one of The Top 4 FinTech podcasts worth listening to in 2024.” 

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