FinTech's DEI Discussions #Women of FinTech | Sherree Tibbs at Fundipedia

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Sherree Tibbs,

Welcome to another episode of the Women of FinTech. Today Nadia is joined by the brilliant Sherree Tibbs, Director of Client Services and Delivery at Fundipedia.

Sherree is responsible for managing all software and implementation projects right through from the development lifecycle to delivery. She didn't initially plan to work in the technology industry, but her passion and proven success highlight how truly impactful and rewarding it can be. 

As a young, female leader in the space, who "doesn't present as what would stereotypically be expected of a successful person", Sherree shares the personal challenges she has overcome. With that, she provides excellent words of wisdom that we can all take on board when faced with– or witnessing– prejudice in the workplace. 

The pair then reflect on the future of work in the financial industry and more specifically the future of inclusion within that. Sherree shares valuable ideas and actions that we can all take to build a truly prosperous and effective environment for all.

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