FinTech's DEI Discussions

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Tracey Davies,

Welcome back to another episode of the Women of FinTech podcast. This week, Nadia is joined by the fantastic Tracey Davies, President at Money20/20. Starting her career outside of the finance industry, Tracey previously worked with media brands and so knows the importance of bringing the diverse ecosystem together to do business. Tracey touches on her impressive journey and how she built her previous career on successful growth strategies. We also gain insight into the lessons she learned along the way, particularly regarding exceptional business growth. Knowing your power and using it willingly is really important as Tracey tells us "it's our responsibility to use it in order to drive change". We learn more about Money20/20, an event which connects the greatest minds in the industry. With access to new knowledge and need-to-know insights to level-up, this is the place to power new strategies and transform mindsets. "We say it's the place where people love to do business". As well as this we hear more about Rise Up, a global program all about unlocking the next steps in your career, no matter what stage you are at. The pair discuss promoting inclusivity in leadership is vital. The impact of the program is far-reaching, providing aspiring women leaders with a unique opportunity to strategically create an effective roadmap for their desired career path. "If you've been to Money20/20, you will know that it's not your normal kind of event". Nadia is excited to be speaking at Money20/20, so keep an eye out for her and say hello if you are attending!

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