FinTech's DEI Discussions

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Emma Kisby,

Welcome back to another episode of the Women of FinTech. Today, Nadia is delighted to be joined by Emma Kisby, CEO EMEA of Cogo.

Emma is a customer-focused commercial business leader driving the sustainability agenda, making the complex simple and translating the power of data into customer empowerment, business growth, and delivering systemic change. 

Emma shares her career journey, including an inspiring story about how her daughter– at just 9 years old– organised a climate march of 300 school kids. This heart-warming moment lead Emma to strive to be part of the change and take real action in the climate movement. This eventually lead to her decision to join Cogo. The pair also discuss transparency in the workplace as Emma highlights Cogo's passion for building flexible work environments for their staff– many of whom are parents and carers. 

The conversation ends with the term "Collective Empowerment" and how working as a collective will truly drive systemic change.

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