FinTech's DEI Discussions

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Chantal Swainston,

Joining Nadia on this episode of the ground-breaking Women of FinTech Podcast is Chantal Swainston, PR Manager at Wise and Founder of The Heard. Through her busy role in PR at Wise, Chantal has been exposed to the plethora of engagement and public speaking opportunities present across our industry. But are these truly inclusive? Do they represent the diversity that exists across FinTech? To combat the often skewed and unfair line-up at events, Chantal began The Heard: an empowering index of female and non-binary spokespeople across FinTech. It is easing accessibility to a diverse range of voices in the space, and removing barriers that exist when it comes to event and project management. Everyone plays a role in elevating inclusion. Everyone needs a stage to share their journey- and Chantal's ground-breaking work with The Heard is truly making this a tangible reality. Thank you Chantal for joining us on the Women of FinTech Podcast!

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