FinTech's DEI Discussions #HumansofFinTech, Live @ FinTech Connect! | Sohail Raja at Société Générale

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Sohail Raja,

Joining Nadia on the Humans of FinTech Podcast, live at FinTech Connect, is Sohail Raja, Head of Execution Platforms & UK Chief Digital Officer, Société Générale.

Sohail's role captures the exciting opportunities currently active across the financial services space. With conversations around decentralised finance becoming ever more prominent, and technological innovation becoming synonymous with the industry, an exciting future is taking shape. But amidst the technological jargon, we mustn't lose sight of the human-side of the industry. 

Understanding that these new tools can also welcome in a new era for collaboration, connecting data with knowledge, should not be a theme that is dismissed. For Sohail, the latter will become an ever more important and inevitable theme as a new generation welcomes in new mindsets. Social education will be vital in furthering this mission, making opportunities to partake in the industry more accessible. 

And Sohail closes by guiding us through his understanding of the intervention strategy. He discusses the importance of empowering everyone to be part of change, demonstrating what it will take to inspire and embed structural changes. 

Thank you Sohail for joining us on the Humans of FinTech Podcast at FinTech Connect! Stream the Full Episode now on your chosen podcast platform.

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