FinTech's DEI Discussions #OnTour @ Money20/20 | Sandi Samantaray, VP Product at Thredd

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Sandi Samantaray, VP Product

The DEI Discussions headed to Money20/20 to record exclusive episodes of The DEI Discussions. Joining Nadia on the first of our #OnTour @ Money 20/20 special episodes is Sandi Samantaray, VP Product at Thredd.

There's been a recent influx in firms hiring Product Managers or Specialists — but what exactly does that role entail? Sandi offers us a fantastic insight into what exactly a career in product means, and how you can break into this exciting industry. 

We also look at how product teams are tackling some of the most pressing challenges facing our industry, particularly fraud. And we hone in on the importance of forming marketplace partnerships in addressing industry-wide issues. 

But when it comes to inclusion, action must start at home first. A commitment to a positive, inclusive culture must be present at all levels — or risk it breaking. Thank you Sandi for joining us on The DEI Discussions #OnTour @ Money20/20.

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