FinTech's DEI Discussions #Humans of FinTech Podcast | Matthew Jackson, VP of Relationship Management at Freemarket

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Matthew Jackson,

Welcome back to another episode of the Humans of FinTech Podcast. Joining Nadia in The DEI Discussions Studio is Matthew Jackson, VP of Relationship Management at Freemarket.

Matthew retraces his journey through FinTech, sharing why he chose to join Freemarket- a move which compliments his mission-driven approach to the industry. No two career journey's through FinTech are the same, but Matthew reminds us there should be a basis to the talent experience that is applicable to everyone, irrespective of background. 

We are reminded of the importance of attracting a greater diversity of people to the industry, broadening our reach and embracing the less traditional- a move that shall only empower the marketplace. In addition to reinventing hiring practices, the pair discuss what more we can do to make the industry more inclusive. 

With an industry that is geared towards an exceptional future, we need to ensure more people are aware and exposed to the opportunities are out there. Irrespective of your technological abilities, or previous knowledge of finance, everyone has a role to play in this new era; we need to ensure everyone feels safe to be part of this, and in an environment where they can express new ideas without judgement. 

We also gain an exclusive look at Freemarket and the work they are doing to enhance the employee experience. With an impressive array of support networks and refreshing approach to culture, they are truly establishing a new standard.

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