FinTech's DEI Discussions #HumansOfFinTech | Kris Foster, Office Engagement Assistant at Thredd, and Co-Founder of Open Book

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Kris Foster, Office Engagement Assistant & Co-Founder

That's what real allyship really looks like; letting people allow us to speak, rather than them speaking for us, about us, in front of us. Today on FinTech's DEI Discussions, the #HumansOfFinTech chapter, Nadia is joined by Kris Foster, Office Engagement Assistant at Thredd and Co-Founder of Open Book. In support of Purple Tuesday, a day dedicated to increasing awareness of the value and needs of those in the disabled community, we want to thank Kris for being so open and sharing his story with us all. Kris brings to light the triumphs and trials within the industry, sharing his powerful journey from facing disability discrimination to fostering a platform that champions disability inclusion. His advocacy for authentic representation and servant leadership exemplifies the spirit of Purple Tuesday, inspiring a call to action for genuine workplace inclusion. Join us in this compelling conversation that encourages us all to better commit to inclusivity in the financial sector.

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