FinTech's DEI Discussions

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Diana Paredes,

On this special episode of The DEI Discussions, we #walkthetalk with Diana Paredes, CEO & Co-founder at Suade Labs. Diana joins Nadia to discuss the exciting things that Suade Labs have been up to recently, focusing on team effort, amazing people and the impressive culture they have. With 'learn, lead, laugh and love' being key drivers of the company's success, Diana shares how being part of a virtual reality and scaling can have its limitations when it comes to DEI -so embedding it in the way you communicate is vital. Diana's passion for inclusion shines through during this episode, and as a female founder she highlights her key inspiration from both men and women on important tangible action. We explore what more companies can do to be more inclusive, as well as discuss recent perspectives on women equality and motherhood. This is a brilliant episode packed with key insights and lessons- thank you Diana for joining us on the show!

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