FinTech's DEI Discussions

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO & Olivia Mitchell,

On this episode of the ground-breaking Women of Fintech Podcast, Nadia welcomes back the incredible Olivia Mitchell, Director at Openfin.

Olivia tells us about her key roles and responsibilities at Openfin, highlighting how the company brings together productivity, efficiency and happiness to make their employee's day more effective. 

"Talking the people language" is a key topic throughout this podcast as Olivia shares why a universal, reflective vision is best when present in such a diverse, global industry. But are employers truly acknowledging the latter yet? Global means travel and 24/7 operations. But is that an approach suitable for all, especially parents? 

The pair continue to discuss the significance of diverse perspectives within businesses. Olivia stresses the positives of a career rest, including a mind-shift break, personal development and new skills learnt that will help encourage diversity of thought and discussion within the workplace. 

This episode includes valuable lessons and tips that can help any employer think about workplace inclusion.

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