Celebrating 400 Episodes | FinTech's DEI Discussions with Nadia Edwards-Dashti

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO

In this special episode celebrating 400 episodes of Fintech’s DEI Discussions, host Nadia celebrates the series' journey towards fostering inclusion within the financial technology sector. 

Since starting the podcast in 2019, Nadia has explored successes and challenges in advancing DEI. 

Reflecting on stories from 400 participants, she emphasises the power of storytelling for change, the podcast's role in supporting marginalised individuals, and the need for allies in positions of power. 

Nadia's dedication has fostered a global community striving for inclusive workplaces, offering hope for progress in the fintech sector.

Congratulations Nadia on reaching this incredible milestone!

And thank you to every single guest, listener and supporter of the show for your support thus far!

About FinTech’s DEI Discussions: 

FinTech’s DEI Discussions is Harrington Starr’s longest-running podcast show; and is hosted by our Chief Customer Officer, Nadia Edwards-Dashti. 

Inspiring the entire industry to walk the talk for change, each episode imparts tangible, actionable advice that advocates for more inclusive practices in financial services and beyond. 

Guests are typically financial services and technology Founders, C-Suite members and DEI Ambassadors. We also feature voices from outside of the industry to ensure diversity of thought is present throughout conversations. 

New episodes are released every Tuesday and Thursday and are available on all major podcast streaming platforms. 

The DEI Discussions is an award-winning show and is recognised as one of The Top 4 FinTech podcasts worth listening to in 2024.” 

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