TNS, West Highland A Bold New Future!

Tom Lazenga, General Manager, Financial Markets & Steven Roe, CEO - TNS & West Highland Support Services, Inc.

In this episode of FinTech Focus TV, host Toby Babb is joined by Tom Lazenga and Steve Roe from TNS. This insightful conversation dives into the recent acquisition of West Highland by TNS, exploring the strategic motivations, unique challenges and profound impacts on the market data operations sector.

Tom Lazenga, who leads the financial markets business at TNS, and Steve Roe, the founder of West Highland, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion. Their conversation sheds light on how entrepreneurial spirit plays a crucial role in driving business success and innovation. They emphasise the importance of this spirit, not only in the initial growth phases but also in the integration process during acquisitions.


Toby Babb kicks off the episode by introducing Tom and Steve, highlighting their extensive backgrounds in the financial technology sector and careers in FinTech. Tom has been with TNS for over 13 years, playing a pivotal role in its growth and development. Steve, brings over 28 years of experience from West Highland, a company he founded and led, making significant strides in market data solutions.

The Acquisition Journey

The episode delves into the journey of the acquisition, discussing the initial conversations and strategic considerations. Tom and Steve talk about how their long-standing professional relationship laid the foundation for this merger. They emphasise that the acquisition was not driven by necessity but by a shared vision to create a comprehensive, turnkey solution for market data operations.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Its Impact

One of the central themes of the episode is the importance of entrepreneurial spirit. Tom and Steve discuss how this intangible quality permeates an organisation, fostering innovation, dedication and a proactive approach to challenges. They explain that this spirit is a significant factor in why West Highland’s integration into TNS has been so successful.

Tom highlights that maintaining the entrepreneurial drive within the integrated organisation has been crucial. This spirit has allowed them to continue innovating and meeting client needs effectively. The conversation underscores that such a mindset is essential for navigating the complexities of the financial technology landscape.

Strategic Synergies and Client Benefits

The merger has created numerous synergies, combining TNS’s robust infrastructure management capabilities with West Highland’s expertise in market data solutions. Tom and Steve elaborate on how these complementary strengths enhance their service offerings, providing clients with a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

They discuss the benefits for clients in financial, communications and payments markets, including reduced operational costs, improved efficiency and enhanced global reach. The integrated services allow clients to streamline their market data operations, reducing the need for multiple vendors and simplifying the management process. This, in turn, helps clients focus on their core business activities, knowing that their market data needs are in capable hands.

Challenges and Opportunities

Tom and Steve don’t shy away from discussing the challenges faced during the acquisition process. They talk about the complexities of integrating different organisational cultures, systems and processes. However, they also highlight the opportunities that come with these challenges. By addressing these integration hurdles, they have been able to create a more robust and agile organisation.

They also discuss the broader market trends and how the acquisition positions TNS and West Highland to capitalise on these trends. The increasing demand for comprehensive, turnkey solutions in the financial technology sector is a significant opportunity. The combined entity is well-positioned to meet this demand, offering clients a unique value proposition.

Global Expansion and Future Prospects

A significant part of the discussion focuses on the global expansion plans following the acquisition. Tom and Steve highlight how the merger has enabled them to enhance their global footprint, particularly in Europe. They discuss the strategic importance of having a presence in key markets worldwide and how this expansion benefits their clients.

Looking ahead, they are excited about the future prospects. The conversation touches on upcoming innovations and initiatives aimed at further improving their service offerings. They emphasise that the focus will remain on leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and deliver superior value to clients.

The Human Element

An essential aspect of the episode is the emphasis on the human element in the acquisition process. Tom and Steve talk about the importance of retaining talent and ensuring a smooth transition for employees. They explain that keeping the team intact has been a priority, as it ensures continuity and preserves the organisational knowledge and culture. As a FinTech recruitment agency, Harrington Starr supports this, and Toby highlights the need for a strong team to succeed when working in FinTech jobs. 

They also discuss the positive response from employees and clients. The acquisition has been well-received, with both internal and external stakeholders recognising the benefits. This positive reception has been instrumental in driving the success of the integration process.


Toby wraps up the episode by summarising the key points discussed. He reiterates the importance of entrepreneurial spirit, strategic synergies and the human element in driving successful business acquisitions. The conversation with Tom and Steve provides valuable insights into the complexities and opportunities associated with mergers in the financial technology sector.

This episode of FinTech Focus TV offers a comprehensive look at the recent acquisition of West Highland by TNS. It provides listeners with a deeper understanding of the strategic motivations, challenges and benefits of the merger. The discussion highlights how entrepreneurial spirit, a client-centric approach and fintech roles can drive success in the competitive world of financial technology.

Whether you are an industry FinTech professional, a FinTech business leader, or someone interested in financial technology, this episode is packed with valuable insights and lessons. Tune in to explore the dynamic world of market data solutions and learn from the experiences of two industry veterans.

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