Proud FinTech Workplace #Pride Special

Deon Pillay, Head of Marketing Technology & Kim Nguyen, & Chrisitan Tooley, & Natalie Brock, & Alexander Mark Deakin-Mckay,

Proudly fly the flag all year round! 🏳️‍🌈

In the special episode of FinTech’s DEI Discussions, Nadia is joined by industry experts to explore how you can build a "Proud FinTech Workplace".  The episode features insights from industry leaders, who emphasise the importance of fostering a culture of inclusion and celebrating diversity year-round:

🌟 Kim Nguyen, VP of People at Alloy

🌟 Chrisitan Tooley, Senior Manager, EMEA - Ventures (Capital/Building) at Bain & Company and Founder of i³ investing

🌟 Natalie Brock, Chief of Staff People Team at Thought Machine

🌟 Alexander Mark Deakin-MckayCommercial Marketing Director at Xeinadin

🌟 Deon Pillay, Head of Marketing Technology, Enablement and Governance at Legal & General Investment Management

The group emphasise the need for the ongoing celebration of Pride, not limited to June, by embedding equitable opportunities and professional growth for all employees into company policies and culture. Alexander highlights the importance of creating safe environments, focusing on middle management, and providing platforms for diverse voices.

Deon and Kim stress the necessity of authentic support beyond superficial gestures, investing in training and education, and leveraging personal stories to foster genuine inclusion. They also emphasise the role of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and the importance of intersectional approaches to inclusion.

For companies without ERGs, Deon advises starting with employee input and top management support. Natalie underscores the significance of inclusive language and positive framing to encourage broader participation.

Christian for continuous allyship and advocacy, urging companies to invest in LGBTQIA+ communities and integrate their voices into key business decisions.

Every month, we will be releasing blogs written by these trailblazers with more in-depth strategies you can impart to build a workplace you can be proud of. Keep an eye out 👀

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About FinTech’s DEI Discussions: 

FinTech's DEI Discussions is hosted by Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Chief Customer Officer at Harrington Starr. 

As our longest-running podcast, it brings together industry experts from financial services who share valuable advice on fostering inclusion within the industry and beyond.

Each episode follows the theme 'Walk the Talk,' offering practical guidance on turning inclusive words into action. 

In addition to the regular episodes, Nadia releases special series that provide in-depth advice on ensuring everyone feels included in the financial services sector.

With nearly two decades of experience in FinTech recruiting, Nadia is a passionate advocate for inclusion. She has witnessed the industry's challenges firsthand and created the 'Talent Equity List' to promote inclusive hiring by highlighting underrepresented talent.

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