Navigating 25 Years of FinTech Innovation

Peter Theunis, Senior Vice President of Sales - BPC Banking Technologies

In a recent episode of Fintech Focus TV, host Ian Bailey sat down with Peter Theunis, Senior Vice President of Sales at BPC Banking Technologies, to discuss the company's journey, the future of fintech, and the intricacies of fintech recruitment.

Peter, a veteran with over 25 years of experience in payments and banking, shared his extensive background in the industry. Starting his career in the IT department of a bank's payments division, Peter has spent most of his career on the vendor side of financial services, working with software and consultancy providers. Since joining BPC in 2016, he has overseen the company's growth and expansion as Managing Director for Europe.

BPC: A Pioneer in Fintech

BPC has been a significant player in the fintech industry for over 25 years, initially developing the SmartVista software platform for acquiring and issuing banks. This platform supports a wide range of back-office activities, including clearing, settlement, and authorisation. Over time, BPC has expanded its product portfolio to include fraud management, digital banking, and digital ecosystems. With a presence in 120 countries and 450 customers, BPC has established itself as a global leader in end-to-end payment solutions.

Transitioning to SaaS

One of the key topics discussed was BPC's transition from a traditional software vendor to a SaaS provider. Peter explained how this shift allowed BPC to offer more scalable and flexible solutions, processing billions of transactions on behalf of their customers. This transition has been crucial in adapting to the changing needs of the market, particularly in regions like Latin America and Southeast Asia, where BPC has a strong presence.

Innovation and Adaptation in Fintech

Peter emphasised the importance of continuous innovation in staying relevant in the fintech industry. With advancements like digital cards and payment schemes, BPC has been at the forefront of technological development. The company has also been proactive in addressing new trends, such as digital ecosystems for public transport and government disbursements. By leveraging its core technology in new and innovative ways, BPC continues to drive forward in a competitive market.

The Role of Regulation in Fintech

The conversation also touched on the impact of regulation in the fintech industry. While regulation can be seen as a burden, Peter highlighted its role in ensuring consumer protection and trust in digital payments. Compliance with regulatory standards helps build confidence among users, which is essential for the continued growth and adoption of fintech solutions.

Fintech Recruitment: Finding the Right Talent

As the fintech industry grows, so does the need for skilled professionals. Fintech recruitment plays a crucial role in driving innovation and ensuring the successful implementation of new technologies. Companies like BPC are constantly looking for talented individuals who can contribute to their mission of providing cutting-edge payment solutions. Whether it's a tier-one global bank or a startup with a groundbreaking idea, BPC is open to collaborating with anyone who shares their vision for the future of fintech.

Future Prospects and Opportunities

Looking ahead, Peter discussed the potential for growth in the fintech industry. With the expected doubling of credit card revenues by 2033 and the increasing complexity of digital ecosystems, the demand for innovative payment solutions will continue to rise. BPC aims to remain at the forefront by exploring new business cases and leveraging their global knowledge base to bring innovative solutions to different markets.

The episode provided valuable insights into BPC's journey, the challenges and opportunities in the fintech industry, and the importance of fintech recruitment in driving future growth. As the fintech landscape continues to evolve, companies like BPC are paving the way with their innovative solutions and commitment to excellence.

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