In Conversation with Steve Pearlman at Fintech Connect North America

Toby Babb, CEO of Harrington Starr & Steve Pearlman, Chief Compliance Officer

Joining Toby live from FinTech Connect North America is Steve Pearlman, Chief Compliance Officer at Varo Bank.

Steve discusses Varo's mission as the first all-digital native bank, targeting the underbanked and overbanked populations in the US. He emphasizes the importance of offering tailored products to help customers build financial security.

Steve delves into the decentralized nature of US regulations, their slow evolution, and the challenges this poses for both incumbents and challengers in the FinTech space.

He offers a glimpse into his panel on RegTech and automation at FinTech Connect North America, highlighting the delicate balance between adopting new technologies and meeting regulatory standards.

Thank you Steve for joining us!

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