How to Sell Financial Technology

Toby Babb, CEO of Harrington Starr & Himesh Soneji,

Joining Toby on the latest episode of FinTech Focus TV is Himesh Soneji, Business Development at Transaction Network and Business Development, EMEA at Blackcore Technologies. In this episode, Himesh shares his journey from network engineering to leading sales roles, emphasising the importance of combining technical knowledge with customer interaction. He discusses launching his own business during the challenging COVID-19 era, focusing on the specific demands of trading technology firms. He points out a significant shift in fintech sales tactics, moving from traditional methods to a solution-focused approach. This change hinges on a deep understanding of customer needs to offer tailored and effective solutions, coupled with the vital role of trust in the industry. Himesh also emphasises the importance of fostering long-term relationships, considering them crucial for sustained success and growth in the fintech sector.

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