Fighting Financial Crime with Generative AI | FinTech Focus TV with GK, Founder and CEO of Lucinity

Toby Babb & Gudmundur Kristjansson

Joining Toby on the latest episode of FinTech Focus TV is Gundmundur Kristjansson, Founder and CEO of Lucinity.

In this episode, GK shares the transformative journey of Lucinity, focusing on the integration of generative AI to revolutionize AML processes. He reflects on the challenges and advancements in the financial sector, emphasising the shift towards augmented intelligence to enhance efficiency and decision-making in combating financial crime.

Throughout the episode, GK highlights the importance of AI safety, user control, and the strategic use of technology to not only streamline operations but also to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of financial crime prevention.

He shares insights into the future of AML and fraud detection, envisioning a more automated and human-centric approach that promises to reshape the industry.

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