Building Confidence from Within

Martina Doherty, Business Psychologist and Executive Coach - MD Consulting Ltd

In the latest episode of Fintech's DEI Discussions, Nadia and Martina Doherty delve into the pivotal topic of confidence within the realm of financial technology. This episode, a key part of our Confidence Series, sheds light on the nuances and challenges of fintech, featuring expert insights from industry leaders.

Understanding Confidence in Fintech

Confidence plays a crucial role in fintech recruitment. Whether you're a recent graduate entering the job market or a seasoned professional transitioning within the industry, confidence is essential. Martina highlights the strategies and mindsets that can help individuals build and project confidence throughout their careers.

Martina shared valuable tips on how to prepare for various professional scenarios. Emphasising the importance of thorough preparation, they discussed how understanding the company’s culture, staying updated with the latest fintech trends, and having a clear grasp of one's own skills and experiences can significantly boost confidence.

The Role of DE&I in Fintech

DE&I are not just buzzwords in fintech; they are foundational elements that shape the future of the industry. Martina underscores how fostering a diverse and inclusive environment can enhance team performance and drive innovation. The conversation navigates through the importance of DE&I initiatives and how they can create a more welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all professionals.

Incorporating DE&I into fintech practices is not only about meeting quotas but about genuinely valuing different perspectives and experiences. This approach helps in building a workforce that reflects the diverse customer base that fintech companies serve. Martina highlighted practical steps that firms can take to improve their DE&I strategies, such as implementing unbiased practices, providing DE&I training, and creating support systems for underrepresented groups.

Key Takeaways

For candidates, Martina provides actionable advice on how to leverage confidence during their careers. Understanding the specific demands and opportunities within the financial technology recruitment sector can help professionals navigate their roles more effectively. Important aspects include thorough preparation by researching the company and the role to understand what is expected. Additionally, being clear about skills and experiences and how they align with the industry requirements can make a significant difference. Staying informed about the latest trends and developments in fintech also demonstrates enthusiasm and expertise.

For companies, Martina offers insights into creating an environment that not only identifies top talent but also supports professionals in presenting their best selves. This involves transparent communication to clearly convey expectations and steps involved in various professional scenarios. Providing feedback and resources helps professionals prepare and improve, creating a supportive environment. Moreover, an active focus on DE&I ensures that all professionals' backgrounds and perspectives are valued.

Confidence in fintech is a multifaceted issue that impacts both individuals and companies. By focusing on preparation, self-awareness, and DE&I, both parties can navigate the industry more effectively. Martina offers a comprehensive look at these elements, providing listeners with valuable insights and practical advice.

Tune in to Fintech's DEI Discussions to explore more about building confidence in financial technology and to hear from experts who are shaping the future of the industry.

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