Breaking Barriers in Fintech with Finkr

Ion Fratiloiu, Founder & CEO - Finkr

In this episode of FinTech Focus TV host Ian Bailey is joined by Ion Fratiloiu, the CEO and Founder of Finkr, a consulting business aiding fintech companies, lenders, and technology firms in scaling up and entering the UK market.

Ion highlights the company’s approach of leveraging experts from firms like McKinsey and Bain to provide quick, targeted consulting. This strategy allows them to assess and design business strategies in 20 to 30 days, helping companies effectively position themselves in the market.

Ion mentions the increasing scrutiny in investment, with investors demanding more rigorous due diligence and proof of financial forecasts. Finkr assists clients by pre-evaluating their business models and data rooms, ensuring they are well-prepared before approaching investors.

The pair also discuss the impact of AI and technology on the financial sector. Ion points out that while AI is mainly being adopted for servicing and predictive analytics, the underlying tech infrastructure of many financial institutions still hinders full AI integration. He envisions a future where low-code/no-code platforms will allow for seamless integration of various financial tools, significantly simplifying the creation of financial institutions.

This episode touches on the importance of human capital and the trend towards fractional hiring of industry experts for the execution of business strategies. Ion notes the challenges posed by tech giants like Google, Apple, Visa, and Amazon entering the fintech space, leveraging their extensive resources to capture market share.

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