20Jun, 2024

AI in Capital Markets Summit London


AI offers huge potential to revolutionise capital markets operations. With investments in AI set to soar, now is the time to set your AI strategy for competitive edge and future growth.

About this event

The AI in Capital Markets Summit will explore current and emerging trends in AI, the potential of Generative AI and LLMs and how AI can be applied for efficiencies and business value across a number of use cases, in the front and back office of financial institutions. The agenda will explore the risks and challenges of adopting AI and the foundational technologies and data management capabilities that underpin successful deployment.

Join us to learn how AI could benefit your organisation, where you need to invest from a data, technology and workforce perspective and how to ensure your AI strategy will set your organisation on a path to future success.


  • The evolution of AI and how to generate value from your investment
  • Practicalities of implementing Artificial Intelligence in capital markets: risks, challenges and opportunities
  • Hosting AI applications in cloud and hybrid environments
  • Ensuring a strong data foundation for your AI implementation
  • Responsible AI and data ethics practices
  • Hear real world applications of AI and how it is being applied for efficiencies and business value across the front, middle and back office in financial institutions
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