The Top 1% Workplace Awards 2023 | The Financial Technologist

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This year saw the Top 1% Workplace Awards interviewing a record number of companies, giving us great cause for optimism about the innovations underway in working environments and cultures. The interviews were shared with our incredible panel of judges, who had the hard task of selecting shortlists, highly commended and the winners. We want to thank the judges and congratulate all who were recognised in this year’s Top 1% Workplace Awards. Your inclusion is testament to the effort you have all made in setting a new standard for excellence in our industry. 2023 has been painted as a year of tech layoffs, but on closer examination— especially in many parts of the fintech sector— there is still considerable demand for exceptional candidates with very particular skill sets. As well as examining the journey of the past year, this edition also explores the opportunities that 2024 may bring, and what kind of market employers and candidates alike can expect to navigate through moving forward.

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