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​This edition of The Financial Technologist is your playbook for career progression, for industry change, for the year ahead, and beyond. We revisit the thoughts of industry leaders, and gather their observations on the year so far, and what we can be doing to accelerate further innovation throughout 2022. We bring you our largest ever industry survey. We asked the marketplace for their take on learning and development, leadership, technology, DE&I, career moves and pay; and have collated their opinions in this magazine, delivering you invaluable insights, no matter where you are in your career. And the Salary Guide returns! Covering all verticals across FinTech, and taking data from both the UK and US, this is your chance to discover the pay trends across the space. Download your free copy now to begin tracing your career roadmap through FinTech. As this magazine reveals, 2022 has been incredible so far, but there are boundless opportunities for us still to pursue.

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