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Did you know that 30% (and growing) of leadership positions at Keyrock are held by women? To...

Did you know that 30% (and growing) of leadership positions at Keyrock are held by women? Top companies in DeFi average just 21.6%. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are crucial components for building a successful and thriving company culture. In today’s global marketplace, companies that prioritise diversity in their workforce have a competitive advantage over those that do not. Diversified teams bring a range of experiences, perspectives, and skill sets that can improve decision-making, innovation, and problem-solving. These teams are better equipped to understand and respond to the needs of diverse customers and communities, leading to better business outcomes. Ultimately, companies that prioritise DEI are better positioned to succeed in the long run, both financially and socially. As Keyrock grows, we remain deeply committed to driving meaningful change and bridging the gender gap today and everyday. Without further ado, meet our incredible women leaders. Kasia Kowalska – Head of HR What drew you to work here? It will probably sound a bit like a cliche if I say I was attracted to Keyrock by its brilliant leaders and overall, the quality of its people— but it is true. From my first conversations with the team, it has been clear to me it is an ambitious, well-structured and high-performing organisation, serious about the industry and it’s mission— at the same time, with the “heart” – (its vision and values) – in the right place. To me we are an organisation with a rare characteristic; we’re both mercenary and visionary, while genuinely caring about the good of the wider industry. I personally find it very appealing. What does your role at Keyrock entail? My role at Keyrock entails building and nurturing our outstanding team by balancing high performance and human kindness. This happens through a variety of means; ensuring we only hire A-talent; providing great and seamless employee experience and growth opportunities; nurturing leadership capabilities and culture, or designing incentives. Whether jumping in to solve organisational conflicts or being a safe space for others to speak their heart out – no two days are the same. What impact do you hope to make at Keyrock or in the industry at large? I was very lucky to formulate my professional life mission relatively early on. It was always to build high-performing, healthy and fulfilled teams and facilitate environments for them to do so. Easier said than done, but I believe it is the only way to make an organisation genuinely succeed through its people and be sustainable over the long term. I have always deeply believed that only by being genuinely content and feeling safe and “spacious”, one can think creatively, and healthily push for great results and achieve success without compromising other areas of life. What does leadership mean to you? I think leadership is the capacity to bring out the best in people in service of a common mission and inspire them to aim for it. On a personal level, it is about being firm but also human and understanding at the same time. Clarity of thought and communication, good judgment about people and personal integrity: these make a great leader. Laura Chaput – Head of Regulatory Compliance What do you think about the future of this industry? I believe it is very promising as long as regulators develop a clear legislative framework for crypto businesses which has the right balance between innovation and the protection of consumers while allowing crypto businesses to obtain applicable licenses. What does leadership mean to you? Leadership to me means a number of things: fostering a culture of trust, respect of ethics, and compliance while recognising and nurturing talent. Leaders require humility, good common sense and courage in order to accomplish this. Delegating with responsibility, recognising and pursuing business opportunities both long & short term, being capable of dealing with tough decisions and giving the message in a human way are key. Recognising that often the simplest most common sense solution is the best. Lastly and three very important elements: I think a leader should lead by example. Don’t expect people to do anything you wouldn’t do. A leader should be open to change, never stop learning and have a sense of humor. Ngaio Halsey – Head of Quantitative Research What does your role at Keyrock entail? My role as Head of Quantitative Research is about using mathematical models and algorithmic trading strategies to increase both the profitability and efficacy of Keyrock market-making services across multiple digital assets and multiple exchanges. This role involves understanding and measuring risk, understanding the limitations and advantages of markets and assets, and being able to successfully combine business needs with intelligent modeling and strategy design. What drew you to work here? I was first attracted to Keyrock because of the people and their potential. Even though we have many diverse backgrounds and skill sets within Keyrock, there is a common set of core values across the firm which include: initiative, creativity, and raw intelligence. The potential of our talent is enormous. I was also impressed by Keyrock’s long-term vision of the future of digital assets, far beyond just crypto. They are actively committed to building an impactful and sustainable company that helps foster healthier digital trading and markets in the long term. What do you think about the future of this industry? There is a huge future and enormous potential to make an outsized impact within both crypto trading and digital assets market making. Though crypto markets are very different from traditional finance markets in many ways, there is much that can be learned in both directions. I think there will be more and more knowledge transfer between the two, leading to more stable and scalable digital asset trading. Furthermore, centralised and decentralised markets will likely move closer together, and market makers and liquidity providers, such as Keyrock, will help bridge that gap. Read more articles like this in The Financial Technologist. Download your free copy here.

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