Why are TechPassport the Best Startup to Work For?

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When writing this I initially started with the product and how this helps buyers and supplie...

When writing this I initially started with the product and how this helps buyers and suppliers connect it is the purpose of TechPassport but not the reason that we are the best start up to work for. I joined TechPassport 5 months ago, and have really enjoyed this time, due to the people that I work with. The development and progression that the company has been through within this time has been huge, but this has been built through determination and commitment from the team. TechPassport was founded by Layla White (CEO) in 2019 just before the pandemic hit- a reason that many companies incorporated at that time failed. Being honest, it stunted the early growth of the company, and where lesser CEOs would have taken the safe option (rightly so) to stop and find stable employment so that they could continue to support their families, Layla didn’t; she continued to drive the company forward as much as she could because she believed in the idea and believed that this would make a difference to many companies! Over the past couple of years, not only have TechPassport been able to onboard a huge name in Morgan Stanley, we have also been able to commence Think Tanks with 10 of the largest banks in the world. This has happened due to commitment from whole team at TechPassport, and there is a culture of success, determination and thinking outside the box. One of the things that surprised me the most about TechPassport is the amount of love that the company shows and how invested people are in the company. The employees are able to have a work life balance, they are able to attend sports days, parents evening, enjoy their time off without worry and stress. This might not sound out of the normal for many people but I have worked in FinTech and start-ups for many years and these things don’t come as standard. The employees at TechPassport are so brought in to the company and the vision, they go above and beyond to make sure that the company grows. There are also many people who do not work for TechPassport that are keen advocates of TechPassport and go out of their way to help get us in front of the right people, as they believe in the product and more importantly the people. To summarise, TechPassport is a company built on the back of people, with an owner that understands and drives a family and health first culture. This encourages people to give more and want to do what they can to push the company forward. Employees can have their own opinions, raise suggestions knowing that, they will be listened to and taken seriously. It’s early days at TechPassport but the future is bright and exciting, and I am looking forward to revisiting this article in 2 years’ time to see how we have grown in that time.
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