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The Top 1% Leadership Awards marks a new category for the 2022 edition of The Top 1% Workpla...

The Top 1% Leadership Awards marks a new category for the 2022 edition of The Top 1% Workplace Awards. Selected from the extensive number of applicants we received across all the categories this year, the award serves to recognise an individual who is leading and supporting innovation for the year ahead, and is instrumental in creating a culture of innovation, creativity and excellence. We are delighted to present the inaugural Top 1% Leadership Award to Paul Humphrey, CEO of BMLL! The judges applauded Paul's innate ability to inspire and place the company on an inevitable trajectory of upwards growth. "His passion for the business is infectious and we are most impressed by Paul's ability to translate his pioneering visions into tangible, industry-wide initiatives- that are undoubtedly disrupting the financial services space at large. Paul has led the business through a number of successful funding rounds, which is undoubtedly a stressful time for any business leader; yet amidst all this, he continued to be instrumental in developing a high performance culture at BMLL, in which each individual is offered immense support and a chance to progress to immense heights. From the entire team behind Top 1% Workplace Awards, congratulations Paul on a phenomenal win!" And confirming the comments from the judging panel are the team at BMLL. We asked members of Paul's team to share why they believe he is truly a top 1% Leader: “Paul is an incredibly driven leader who is constantly striving for more. Paul fosters transparency across the organisation. Leading by example, each week Paul meets with the full go-to-market team, where he encourages everyone to contribute. Paul provides his team with the freedom and responsibility to make meaningful contributions to the organisation and its mission.” Johnathan Hand, Business Analyst "When I first met Paul, I was struck by his openness, clarity and focus on the mission. I came away with confidence that this was a leader that I could follow. He consistently inspires, and I find the transparency he provides refreshing. He commands a level of trust I have rarely encountered, he instils belief in the mission and the staff. He leads from the front but just as importantly he ensures his people are aligned with the same values and walk the same path he treads. That’s leadership." Ming Fung, Team Lead “It's an absolute pleasure to work with Paul. Undoubtedly his drive, vision and commitment to the business has been transformative. He inspires the whole company with a real sense of shared purpose for our mission; under Paul's leadership I am certain of future success for BMLL.” David Robinson, Chief Technology Officer “Paul is a tremendous leader of people and empowers all those around him through inclusion of his strategic vision. Paul sets a particularly fine example of how to approach the everyday challenges the industry presents and, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, guides his teams in seeing the opportunity in every challenge. Getting a front-row seat to Paul’s wealth of varied experience and stewardship by joining BMLL was a no-brainer.” James Ross, Sales Director “When Paul sets out his vision for BMLL, you listen. He maps it out with a passion and conviction so strong that it is impossible not to follow him. More importantly, you put your trust in him because you know that he not only believes in that vision but knows what we need to do to achieve it. This is what makes him a true leader.” Angie Sadler, Head of People “A key element of Paul’s leadership style is empowerment. I have seen at first hand how Paul builds and develops his leadership team and empowers them to make decisions for themselves. Not only does this make Paul an excellent and trusted leader himself, but he also creates a legacy of leaders for the future." Ben Collins, Head of Sales “Paul leads with conviction and integrity. His authenticity and commitment inspires each member of our team as our company develops and grows. Paul’s clear passion, drive and vision for BMLL shone when I first met with him, and that has continued every day since. Paul empowers each person to contribute and take ownership, and to take pride in their individual contribution to our continued success." Leonie Alsop, Head of Marketing “Paul's drive and determination is awe-inspiring. Paul joined BMLL at the start of COVID and, despite the challenges of leading a team in a remote and uncertain environment, built a fantastic culture, developed real team spirit all whilst retaining a sense of humour. He’s been an excellent mentor and leader.” Elliot Banks, Chief Product Officer "Paul is the definition of an enthusiastic and empowering leader. He creates an atmosphere and culture that makes everyone want to join him on the journey to success, recognising at every point the strengths and characteristics of his entire team so as to make progress as seamless and as inclusive as possible. This is why I was thrilled to join Paul at BMLL." Simon Ellis, Head of Partnerships “Paul is an inspirational and driven leader. He balances a strong work ethic with compassion for the individual and a deep sense of purpose for the firm as a whole. He leads by example empowering those around him to stand taller and excel as individual leaders.” William L'Heveder, Chief Commercial Officer Congratulations once again Paul on being this year's recipient of The Top 1% Leadership Award! You can view the full results of The Top 1% Workplace Awards by downloading your free copy of The Financial Technologist
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