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Celebrating the most exceptional firms across the financial services space, The Top 1% Workp...

Celebrating the most exceptional firms across the financial services space, The Top 1% Workplace Awards returned in 2022, showcasing an even greater plethora of innovative brilliance than ever before. The Team Excellence Award was a new category for 2022, and served to recognise a team in the industry who collectively, irrespective of their business specialism, are achieving ground-breaking records and establishing an empowering, collaborative tone for teams across the space. The inaugural Team Excellence Award went to Fundipedia! Congratulations to the entire on this amazing achievement- the culture you have established permeates throughout the entire business and inspires collective pride and respect for the brand, product and people. The judging panel were particularly impressed by their ability to communicate the importance of people in their application, noting that, "They brought humanity, transparency and humility to their submission for The Top 1% Workplace Awards. The team were able to demonstrate a direct correlation between culture and increased company-wide growth; and this is most evidently achieved through their strategy of having their client-facing team and their tech team working together to achieve common goals. Allowing for internal cross-team collaboration to thrive ensures open communication is the norm; successes are shared, and challenging scenarios are met with a diverse range of expertise and invaluable support. With such a strong team in place, backed by a supportive culture, Fundipedia will undoubtedly go on to transform the marketplace." We must also extend our applause to those highly commended in this category; congratulations to TAINA Technology, Cassini Systems and Genesis Global. Commenting on TAINA Technology, the judges stated they were most impressed by, "the businesses ability to ensure everyone feels truly able to bring their best selves to work. This is so much more than just a promotional statement for TAINA, and is evident in their commitment to ensuring personal and professional growth drives their culture, allowing individuality to be inherently interwoven into the businesses day-to-day." Cassini Systems also impressed the judging panel as the team there are acutely aware that, "culture cannot be manufactured. Whilst they have established six core principals which serve as a guide, they allow individuals to develop a sense of cultural ownership, bolstering the strength of the team in the process as the work and growth is reflective of the people driving the success." And Genesis Global received praise for "understanding that the term team is a multi-faceted concept, and demands invetsment in a multitude of areas. It isn't solely about the product they are developing, or simply creating the right culture; it's empowering individuals, creating brilliant hiring and onboarding strategies, and creating a safe space for diversity of thought, and hence a space where innovation can truly come to life." Congratulations once again to Fundipedia on winning The Team Excellence Award; and to TAINA Technology, Cassini Systems and Genesis Global on being highly commended in this category. You can view the full results of The Top 1% Workplace Awards bydownloading your free copy of The Financial Technologist
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