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Only 26% of those in technology roles identify as female. We’ve come a long way since the p...

Only 26% of those in technology roles identify as female. We’ve come a long way since the percentage stood at 17% from 2012 to 2020. But we still have quite the journey ahead of us. I am a massive believer in action for change over talk and would like to show you how we can drive inclusion for our industry.There has been lots of talk about change and a number of campaigns, awards, media drives and educational initiatives but simply put the needle hasn’t moved nearly as much as it should. There are some technology areas where the gender split still stands at less than 10% As Chief Customer Officer of Harrington Starr, I’m constantly exposed to the gender imbalance present across the entirety of technology. Across the whole industry, only 26% identify as female; and only 17% of FinTech leaders are women. And there’s no quick fix. We’re looking at reversing years of systemic, biased hiring practices. It demands a long-term solution, a consistent source of advocacy. That’s why we started The Talent Equity List. Originally beginning as The 17% List in 2020, the initiative has since evolved but our mission remains the same: to change the narrative and make a career in technology and technology sales open to all. When employers register to be part of the initiative, twice a month they will receive the profiles of exceptional female and non-binary technologists that are seeking a new career opportunity. And crucially, they are seeking opportunities at firms that are genuinely committed to inclusion. In providing better visibility of talent, companies can plan their growth and hiring with equity at the forefront. The focus is not only on what a person has done in the past but also on what they want to do next. That is why role creation is such a central part of this initiative. We encourage firms to create roles that are centred around a person’s needs and their desired next steps, so individual growth aligns with that of the business. Such role creations lead to better long-term talent outcomes for all. This programme has seen over 150 companies sign up to it, 350 plus hiring managers, 800 women and non binary people and roles created for just over 200 of them. There is still much more work to do. Fair pay, fair recognition and fair promotion are key factors of this campaign. The Talent Equity List is committed to building networks and helping everyone grow their careers fairly. Get in touch to become part of The Talent Equity List and we can discuss how you can join the list as an ally or should you wish to advocate for the list and sign someone else up.
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