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Celebrating the most exceptional firms across the financial services space, The Top 1% Workp...

Celebrating the most exceptional firms across the financial services space, The Top 1% Workplace Awards returned in 2022, showcasing an even greater plethora of innovative brilliance than ever before. The Best Workplace for Talent Investment Award is given to a firm that is committed to empowering each employee through the talent journey, ensuring skillsets are elevated; psychological safety and open discussions are the norm; personal wellbeing is prioritised; and equipping employees with the tools to confidently deliver on all manner of projects. Congratulations to the entire team at FINBOURNE Technology on being the recipients of The Best Workplace for Talent Investment Award! The judging panel applauded your outstanding work, noting the honesty, authenticity and refreshing realism that ran throughout your talent investment strategy. "The realism that underpins FINBOURNE's approach to talent investment strategy is like no other. Acknowledging that each professional tenure at FINBOURNE must come to an end, the team are highly motivated to ensure each person leaves with an even greater skillset and marketplace awareness than when they joined. The talent journey at FINBOURNE is experience rich and the opportunities for progression are unmatched. Looking at the firm more holistically, we are confident FINBOURNE will only go from strength-to-strength as they invest in a team that is on a limitless growth journey." We must also extend our applause to those highly commended in the category; congratulations to Bloomberg and Delta Capita The judging panel commented that Bloomberg, "have a clear and industry-leading approach to talent investment. The opportunities to engage with the best technology, marketplace participants and industry excellence are boundless. With a clear recognition that brilliant people drive Bloomberg's global success, it comes as no surprise that talent investment is consistently high on the agenda for the firm." And when Delta Capita, the judges noted that, "with an infectious entrepreunerial spirit running throughout the business, each employee at Delta Capita is a given a catalyst to reach new heights and achieve personal and company-wide goals. Their value-driven approach to talent investment ensures every single person is a given a stake in the success of Delta Capita, no matter their seniority, background, or vertical." Congratulations once again to FINBOURNE Technology on winning The Best Workplace for Talent Investment Award; and to Bloomberg and Delta Capita for their highly commended status in this category. You can view the full results of The Top 1% Workplace Awards by downloading your free copy of The Financial Technologist
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