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Harrington Starr's The Top 1% Workplace Awards have inspired us to take a deeper look at wha...

Harrington Starr's The Top 1% Workplace Awards have inspired us to take a deeper look at what truly defines workplace excellence. We firmly believe that our unwavering commitment to achieving excellence forms the cornerstone of our company's success. But what is it that sets us apart and propels us toward success? The answer, without a doubt, lies in the remarkable strength of our team. The Power of the Team Our achievements are not mere words; they are the result of a collective effort by the dedicated individuals who make up our team. At OpenFin, we place tremendous value on transparency and data-driven decision-making, both of which have guided our journey towards tangible success. One crucial element behind our accomplishments is the exceptional team at OpenFin. Together, we have successfully delivered innovative solutions that empower end-users to maximise productivity. Our journey began with a mission to streamline desktop interfaces, enabling them to work more efficiently. This mission has grown in significance, especially in the wake of the pandemic and the evolving landscape of work. In an era dominated by a drive for higher productivity and delivering the best possible employee and client experience, OpenFin is playing a pivotal role, earning continued recognition and trust within the financial industry and beyond. At the core of this recognition is our robust team, which consistently develops products and services that address the evolving needs of the marketplace. We are immensely proud of our recent achievements, including a successful Series D funding round, a significant feat given the challenging funding landscape. The mission of OpenFin, centred on solving industry-wide challenges at an enterprise scale, continues to garner the support from amazing investors such as Bank of America, who led our recent round, alongside Pivot Investment Partners and also In-Q-Tel (IQT) who have enabled us to serve the U.S. Intelligence and Defence Community. Clients continue to trust us with their most important strategic projects. The recent announcement with the LondonStock Exchange Group (LSEG) that selected OpenFin's technology for its flagship LSEG Workspace platform is a fantastic example of this. This achievement is a testament to the strength of our product and the ability of our team to strategically collaborate, execute and deliver meaningful outcomes for clients. The Strengths of Employee Engagement While these achievements are commendable, they wouldn't have been possible without the alignment and dedication of our team. At OpenFin, we prioritise our team and ensure they have a voice in shaping the company's direction. The post-pandemic landscape brought about significant changes in employee expectations and I think most people would agree it’s still a moving target. Its extremely important for us to understand how our staff feel and find mechanisms to facilitate candid feedback around all aspects of the company. We’ve invested in technology to engage our employees proactively with regular surveys which allow us to collect valuable data and measure the impact of the changes we make in response to feedback. Our high scores for leader integrity, availability, and psychological safety reflect our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees feel free to express themselves. However, the data also revealed our employees faced challenges in some areas, particularly self-development. Our employees were telling us they wanted more ways to grow their skills to set them up for future success. We responded by investing in an online platform with training programmes for team development. We've seen a real change in our self-development metrics, a testament to the impact of such initiatives. We've also addressed areas of concern among our less-experienced managers who didn’t feel equipped to deal with some team issues. We responded by creating the people managers monthly meeting and have brought in external companies to discuss important topics such as mental health awareness and employee support. Finally, we have continued to improve our levels of diversity. While we are doing well on many diversity metrics, like other tech companies, we have struggled with our male-to-female ratio. However, through a concerted effort, we have seen the number of female employees at OpenFin increase by over 100% in the last 18 months, mostly due to the initiatives of our talent team. We have made great progress, but will continue to strive to do better. Recognition Finally, the OpenFin team continues to grow; we celebrate all our successes, big and small. External validation of our achievements through awards such as The Top 1% Workplace is integral to our journey to excellence. It's clear that the team is at the heart of our success. A strong company mission keeps us motivated and aligned, and caring for, listening and responding to our employees is what makes our thriving workplace. Read more articles like this in The Financial Technologist. Download your free copy here.

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