Moving the Needle: The 19% List

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For nearly 8 years the percentage of women in technology roles in the UK rested at 17%. It w...

For nearly 8 years the percentage of women in technology roles in the UK rested at 17%. It was static, there was no increase. The issue wasn’t only about attracting women to the space, it was about keeping them here. The work that we must do is in answering the question: How can we make the industry equitable for women? As of 2022, the numbers have changed and we can now report that 19% of all UK technology roles are filled by women. A flicker on the needle is really encouraging but we have so much farther to go. I’m really pleased with the results of the 17% list campaign and even more pleased that we can now call it the 19% list. The 19% list is about giving hiring managers visibility of female technology talent and more importantly when these women are given options within your company, we are looking to create roles for them that they want to step into and grow within. As of 2022, when the needle had moved, that 2% represented a 60,000 increase of women in technology associated roles across the UK. Every single one of those women needs to be celebrated but more importantly, we need to look at how they will be treated within the industry. This is where the real work starts. The key to driving better gender balance on the numbers is gender equality in the environment, culture, policies, decision making and behaviours. Each of these will drive a more equitable environment that women wish to stay in. This will need constant assessment of promotion criteria, salary reviews, the attribution of credit and remote recognition. Everyone from the newest person in an organisation to the C-Level suite will need to continuously address their own bias, their own listening capabilities and their own acknowledgement of the inequity. Denial of the issue is futile if we wish to build a better workplace and therefore a more successful industry. The real results will follow the awareness and acknowledgement with action that we need to see through allyship and advocacy. The 19% list is an easy way for you to be an ally for others, by hiring people into positions that will be their next great career step, not just to fill a space in your business or team. We now have the opportunity to take it further and drive better results for gender balance and gender equality in our businesses. To be an advocate you can help by spreading the program further so that every single woman who subscribes to the list finds a new role created for her without exceptions. Contact me to discuss how you can join the list as an ally or should you wish to advocate for the list and sign someone else up.
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