Learning the lessons of lockdown – helping capital markets businesses provide a world-class experience

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The last two years have seen a need for capital markets businesses to adapt, and in most cas...

The last two years have seen a need for capital markets businesses to adapt, and in most cases, radically change the way they work. Initially, most office staff were working from home, then last year, this moved to a hybrid model split between time in the office and at home. Out of necessity, business quickly adapted to video calls and using collaborative software to help cope with the fluid work environment. Quickly we learned that, whilst there are clear benefits to being office-based, work doesn’t have to grind to a halt when working remotely. In fact, many businesses discovered new efficiencies when working apart that could then be brought back into the physical office environment. Even before the pandemic, when everyone was in the office, teams had the capacity to be misaligned, working off old data or just simply poorly communicating with each other. It’s a falsehood to suggest things were good before, remote working just exposed those frailties, forcing companies to address them head-on. High performing sales teams need high performing data One such challenge is the sharing of live data, a key ingredient in our sector, yet it’s often hard to ensure data is up to date the moment it’s shared with internal teams or external clients. This often leads to sales missing out on transacting business, or clients missing investment opportunities, which is a lose-lose scenario. Add into the mix a need to support a ‘mobile first’ world, a myriad of formats and channels to distribute live data to and suddenly it can seem an impossible task to ensure your data is distributed effectively. The pace of digitisation over the last two years means that no business should accept stale data or the need to manually copy/paste data from say, Excel to a chat app or email to SMS anymore, those days are thankfully behind us! Provide a better service to all clients, not just the largest When the heat is on, sales teams will typically focus on the most profitable clients. However, most businesses contain a long tail of clients. Scaling your services to meet the demand of all clients is key to growing your position in the market. For most client teams the key to unlocking greater productivity is being able to quickly identify new opportunities. For instance, tracking live data such as interest, orders or quotes from clients across a broking desk or sales team. To ensure key data is more discoverable ipushpull has created a live quote sharing solution. This allows teams or clients to always have the latest information at their fingertips providing the best possible service, never missing an opportunity. Quick to implement, faster to meaningful results No one has the appetite to engage in long-drawn-out projects these days, you need quick solutions and even faster results. ipushpull’s combination of deep domain expertise and configurable platform ensures most client projects are up and running in a matter of weeks. Why not contact us to see how we could help your teams scale to serve more clients. Read Issue 1 2022 of the Financial Technologist here.
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