Infinity Maritime announces partnership with Lloyd’s Register to boost maritime sustainability

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Infinity Maritime announces partnership with Lloyd’s Register to boost maritime sustainabili...

Infinity Maritime announces partnership with Lloyd’s Register to boost maritime sustainability Following on from the announcement of collaboration with leading international ship brokers, Infinity Maritime reflects the maritime ecosystem by announcing its partnership with world leading Classification Society Lloyd’s Register to verify the sustainability of its fleet and enhance their environmental and operational performance. Infinity Maritime, the first platform to provide alternative maritime finance through digitisation enabling fractional ownership of commercial ships, including tankers, bulkers and boxships, has a focus on building the most sustainable commercial fleet possible. Infinity Maritime is creating asset-backed MetaUnits for the ships it purchases and operates that will be tradeable, resulting in a secondary market for investors. The platform focuses on creating a sustainable fleet via the purchase and upgrade of modern vessels, in line with the Poseidon Principles and the Sea Cargo Charter for sustainability. LR will advise on sustainability in vessel selection, performance monitoring of operators and vessel emissions, benchmarking versus the market and future proofing for the developing regulations, so that the platform can lead the way with adhering to changing rating requirements, and the costs associated with them. Andrew McKeran, Lloyds Register Business Director, Maritime Performance Services said: “we’re delighted to be partnering with Infinity Maritime to help bring this great new platform to market with a vision to deliver environmental benefits to the entire maritime ecosystem. We bring to the table our leading I4Insight platform and LR’s Maritime Decarbonisation Hub” Andrew Graham, Chairman, Infinity Maritime said: “Infinity’s ambition is to reinvigorate the Maritime ecosystem - not disrupt it, while leading the way with the adoption of the Poseidon Principles and showing how sustainable shipping can also be the most commercially attractive. We’re proud to be working with these world leading Class Societies to make this happen.” Infinity Maritime is the London based alternative finance digital platform for the issuance and trading of asset-backed MetaUnits in the maritime sector. Through the fractionalisation and digitisation of maritime assets, Infinity allows broader access to real asset investment opportunities and more exit opportunities for investors within the global maritime industry with a core objective of promoting sustainability. Purchasers/acquirers of MetaUnits include a wide range of maritime and finance industry participants, such as family offices, hedge funds, HNW/UHNW and other yield investors.
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