How a Fast-Growing Technology Company Attracts and Engages Talent

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One of the success indicators of a company is how it takes care of its human capital. A lead...

One of the success indicators of a company is how it takes care of its human capital. A leading talent attraction tool is offering a learning experience starting from the selection process. Thus, Talent Acquisition is one of the most strategic areas in HR at Pismo. With the technology market extremely hot, our differential to attract talent is to offer an experience of exchange and self-development. Above all, we want to provide a selection process that respects the candidates. This means providing reliable information about the company, with its positive and negative aspects, which aligns with one of Pismo’s core values – total trust, that is, transparency at all times. In addition, we make the selection steps clear and give all candidates feedback at the end of the process. We reinforce our culture from the first interactions a future employee has with Pismo. So, if this person accepts the challenge of being part of our team, they will know what they will find in their daily routine, with no surprises. We show them that building a dream company is part of everyone's job. More than accepting things the way they are, every team member must do their part in creating a safe and pleasant work environment. We do not have the illusion that the candidate’s decision of working at Pismo will remain for eternity. On the contrary, we know that an integration process takes place over months in the company, and this sometimes leads the person in a different direction. Considering this, during the onboarding process, we provoke some employees to reflect: if you feel it’s time to depart our team, it's not a problem; we're here to support your decisions, even if it means leaving for another challenge. Your well-being and psychological safety must not be compromised in any way, and it is essential that you signal if you are not satisfied for any reason. With this proposal to encourage a protagonist's attitude, Pismo does not presume to be a perfect workplace. Our firm is an environment that provides learning with enormous challenges. Moreover, we are a global and complex company, and undoubtedly many dreams and goals can be achieved here. Retention is a word that doesn't fit our culture. We identify more with engaging our people. We follow some engagement indicators. One that catches our attention is the Glassdoor grade: 4.7. We’ve managed to keep the evaluations high while attaining accelerated growth and geographic expansion – and enduring the pandemic. Another important indicator is the large number of nominations we receive from our teams. Our Referral Program fills most of our vacancies. Yet the achievement we are most grateful to receive was certification as a great place to work by GPTW, with 91% favourability, awarded in 2021. Given our growth and global challenges and our effort to encourage a protagonist’s attitude and autonomy in everyday life, we believe we are on the right track to sustain our teams’ motivation. Consequently, we think Pismo can be where talented professionals want to be. These are the first steps of an incredible journey, and a lot is still to come. Do you want to be part of this story?
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