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Have you helped someone today? This isn’t your typical water cooler office chat; at TS Imagi...

Have you helped someone today? This isn’t your typical water cooler office chat; at TS Imagine, it’s at the heart of everything that we do. According to Gallup’s 2023 State of the Global Workplace report, low engagement is estimated to cost the global economy some $8.8 trillion – or 9% of global gross domestic product. Findings from the report reveal that in many organisations, employees are neither engaged nor actively disengaged. Yet, employee engagement is a key driver of a company’s overarching success. Here at TS Imagine, we believe that collaboration and effective communication are essential tools for fostering positive employee engagement. “Have you helped someone today?” is a simple, yet highly effective idea that we encourage all our employees to embrace. It applies to everyone in the organisation, whether on a personal or professional level, and helps foster an employee culture based on teamwork and innovation which, ultimately, leads to workforce excellence. At TS Imagine, we are proud of our strong and thriving culture of collaboration. This is reflected in our 2023 employee survey, where a majority of our employees said that our company promotes a collaborative environment. This is a testament to the efforts put in by our executive team, managers, and every employee who has contributed to building a culture of collaboration since the merger of Trading Screen and Imagine Software in 2021. More than just working together Collaboration is much more than simply “working together”, it’s about working together effectively. This involves open communication, sharing ideas, supporting each other, and working towards common goals. When employees feel supported and valued in a collaborative environment, it leads to their personal and professional growth, which ultimately benefits the organisation. Collaboration becomes even more important during times of change, such as a merger, because almost everyone involved only knows half the combined business, and the other half is unfamiliar territory. It can be daunting for employees to navigate through this unfamiliarity and uncertainty. However, with a collaborative culture in place, employees can lean on each other for support, share their knowledge and skills, and come up with new ideas to overcome challenges. In addition to being crucial throughout and following a merger, collaboration also plays a significant role in managing large headcount growth. When you increase the number of employees quickly, as we did when we hired 200 staff in 2022, it becomes even more critical to have a collaborative culture in place. Effective communication and co-ordination among team members, ensuring that everyone is on the same page, and working towards common goals are key attributes of any successful high-growth company. Without our employees, we wouldn’t be able to effectively serve our clients or grow our company. Whether it’s during times of transformation or growth, our success is underpinned by the collaborative spirit that all our employees embrace on a daily basis. Let’s work together towards a brighter and more collaborative future! Read more articles like this in The Financial Technologist. Download your free copy here.
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